4 Activities to Promote Youth Leadership

Young adults working together as a team

4 Activities to Promote Youth Leadership

Developing strong leadership skills is an important part of learning and growing as a young adult. Leadership skills prepare youth for the challenges and opportunities that come with adulthood. At Empower Adventures Tampa, we offer a variety of skill-building experiences that can make a big difference in the lives of young adults. Read on in today’s blog as we explain four activities that can help youth develop specific leadership skills.

1) Build Competence – The SOAR Program

When a young adult is learning a new skill, there are many little details that contribute to competence and, ultimately, mastery. It takes practice to build competence, so it’s important to provide lots of opportunities to overcome challenges and learn from each one. 

The SOAR program at Empower Adventures Tampa is designed to provide young adults with a series of individual challenges so they can build small skills at each stage of the process. The SOAR Program leads to a final challenge that the young adult has been prepared for throughout the experience so they can put their skills to use and overcome the final challenge, establishing their hard-earned competence.

2) Build Confidence – The Leap of Faith

Sometimes, the most difficult thing a leader can do is take that first step. They need the confidence to take on new challenges and step out into the unknown. Empower Adventure’s Leap of Faith activity is an excellent way to build the confidence needed to become a true leader. Check out this amazing experience at Empower Adventure Tampa!

3) Build Consensus – EMERGE Activities

While strong leadership requires individual skills like competence and confidence, it also requires group skills like teamwork and consensus building. Setting goals, working together, and overcoming challenges require advanced leadership skills. You’ll need to develop a shared strategy for the obstacles facing your team and then put that strategy into action as a group.

The EMERGE activities at Empower Adventures Tampa are carefully designed to help a group of individuals become a tight-knit team. Participants will need to work together and build group consensus to overcome a series of increasingly challenging obstacles.

4) Build Compassion – Volunteering in the Community

Some leadership skills aren’t learned during sky-high adventures! Some leadership skills are learned with two feet on the ground in everyday moments of compassion and caring. Once a young person has learned Competence, Confidence, and Consensus, it’s time to put those skills into action to accomplish real goals and do real good for the community. Whether serving food at a soup kitchen, tutoring younger students, or spearheading a fundraiser for a good cause, volunteering in the community is a great way to put leadership skills into action in real-life scenarios.

Learn Leadership at Empower Adventures Tampa

Empower Adventures Tampa is an amazing facility designed to challenge, teach, excite, and exhilarate! We offer carefully designed activities that help young people develop into capable adults with excellent leadership qualities. If you want to learn about leadership while having a great time, get in touch with the team at Empower Adventures in Tampa Bay!

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