5 Traits Developed in Youth Leadership Programs

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5 Traits Developed in Youth Leadership Programs

Investing in youth should be one of our top priorities. Leadership qualities will begin to develop at a young age, so as your child grows up, start to reinforce these traits. One great way to build these positive traits is to put them in situations where they can showcase their skills and develop even more.

At Empower Adventures, we provide a youth leadership development program that teaches kids valuable qualities they will be able to use right after the program is over. Today we look at five traits they will be able to develop through this excellent program.


Confidence is a trait you will find in all leaders, regardless of age. Through Empower Adventures programs, they will stand up and express their own opinions through fun activities. Our youth leadership mentors will encourage the kids to be confident in themselves throughout every activity, helping them along the way.


One of our top priorities is building up courage, and motivating the kids to step out of their comfort zones and tackle something new. As they overcome obstacles, they will earn the tools necessary to grow and be ready for whatever comes next. It can be scary to try something new, especially when you aren’t confident of the outcome. Building up this courage will show them they can do anything they set their mind to.


As we put the kids in groups during the program, it can bring a lot of disagreements. Open-mindedness is one of the most critical leadership qualities you can teach. They will come in contact with new ideas and new ways of overcoming the obstacles, being forced to try several approaches to reach their goal.


Impactful leaders can seamlessly communicate with anyone. Through fun activities, communication will be required to not only get the job done but get the job done right. Interacting with a group, large or small, is a critical trait that we build throughout our program.


Each group has different needs and different ways to overcome obstacles. Sometimes these ways are more creative than others. During the activities, it will require the team members to think outside of the box, building off of each other. Sometimes, the most creative ways work the best!

Youth Leadership Programs at Empower Adventures in Tampa

Empower Adventures in Tampa Bay wants to build and encourage leadership qualities in all who go through our awesome programs. Our goal is to inspire young leaders to put what they have learned into action. We offer an array of programs to choose from, such as Emerge, Ascend, and Champions. To learn more about how we can reinforce these qualities in your leader, visit our website or contact us today!

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