Youth Leadership Lessons Learned From Ziplining

Teenager on a Zip Line

Youth Leadership Lessons Learned From Ziplining

Zip lines at Empower Adventures are fun! They’re wind-in-your-face, yell-inducing, awesome excitement for children, teens, and adults. Ziplining also teaches youth leadership lessons in the midst of their skyward adventures. Today, we discuss how the leaders of tomorrow find inspiration in their Zip Line Adventure today.

Taking Risks

Ziplining is a very safe activity, although there is a feeling of risk involved. The unusual activity of flying through the air may cause fear in some children. Not to mention how high up they’ll be when flying through the air. A fear of heights is one of the most common fears people have. Older kids and teens probably have a more sophisticated view of ziplining as they realize their lives are entrusted to the proper use of a harness and safety equipment.

What propels kids to take the plunge of ziplining? The youth leadership lesson here is that they learn that the rewards outweigh the risks and that you can’t truly have courage without facing fear. Children have a ton of fun once they reach for the sky. Discerning which activities are more or less risky serves children well later in life as they navigate through college and a career.

Moving Out of a Comfort Zone

The old adage goes that people grow the most when they move outside of their comfort zone. Ziplining is a relatively easy way for kids and teens to step outside of their ordinary comfort level by participating in an extraordinary activity. Youth leadership lessons from stepping outside of a comfort zone include knowing how and when to grow, understanding that something new doesn’t have to be feared, and learning to embrace new ideas and challenges.

Focusing on One Goal

When kids sail down a zip line or traverse a suspension bridge, they focus on a singular goal of reaching the other side. Along the way, they can look out to see their beautiful natural surroundings. However, the main goal is still the same. Teens learn the value of focusing on what matters most to accomplish a goal when it comes to youth leadership. Sometimes, the goal simply means putting one foot in front of another until you reach the other side. Walking is repetitive, but it gets the job done much like many ordinary and mundane tasks at work.   

Enjoying the View

Humans have fantasized about flying since the first caveman wondered what it was like for a bird to soar above him. Similarly, kids get a different perspective of their world when they see it from above. It’s breathtaking, exhilarating, and awe-inspiring. Seeing their world from above gives youth an appreciation for what they accomplished to reach this point in the first place. This youth leadership lesson comes full circle during a career when people recognize those who helped them reach new heights in their personal and professional lives.

Empower Youth Leadership at Empower Adventures

Ziplining is an energetic and enjoyable way to get kids and teens thinking about youth leadership skills and principles (without making it about a learning experience). If you’re the leader of a youth group, contact us today. Your kids will have an experience they will remember for a lifetime.

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