Paddle Boarding Through Mobbly Bayou: Discover the Wildlife

A Roseate Spoonbill wades through Florida water.

Paddle Boarding Through Mobbly Bayou: Discover the Wildlife

A Roseate Spoonbill wades through Florida water.Welcome to Mobbly Bayou Wilderness Preserve, Tampa Bay’s hidden gem, where the crystal clear waters and dense mangroves offer a mesmerizing backdrop for nature lovers and adventurers alike who are on the lookout for some stunning wildlife sightings. Paddle boarding through the bayou is a surreal experience, and the thrill of discovery is sure to make your trip unforgettable. Let’s hold our paddles tight and start the journey of discovering some of the most fascinating creatures in their natural habitat. Introducing 15 animals you could meet in Tampa Bay’s Mobbly Bayou.

Mobbly Bayou Wildlife

Roseate Spoonbill: This bird is hard to miss! Their vibrant pink feathers make them one of the most recognizable creatures in Mobbly Bayou, as they are admired for their unique appearance and size.

Green Sea Turtle: If you’re lucky enough, you may spot a green sea turtle paddling alongside you. These shy creatures are one of the oldest species on earth, and they typically breed in the Caribbean. They can weigh over 400 pounds and live up to 80 years!

Manatee: Often known as the “Cow of the Sea,” these gentle giants are a common sight in Mobbly Bayou. They continue to live and feed on sea vegetation for centuries and love to spend their time in sallow slow-moving waters.

Dolphinfish: Also known as “Mahi-Mahi,” they are bright-colored and can grow up to 6 feet long. They are famous for their spunky personalities and acrobatic jumps out of the water.

Alligator: You may feel a chill down your spine at the sight of an alligator lurking in the shallow waters. Despite their dangerous reputation, alligators are an essential piece of Florida’s natural habitat. They can grow up to 14 feet long and weigh up to 1,000 pounds!

Great Egret: These wading birds are typically found in shallow waters, and their lanky build and stunning white feathers make them almost impossible to miss. They are a popular sight for photographers and bird-watchers alike.

Osprey: Also known as a fish-eagle, this majestic bird is a common sight throughout Mobbly Bayou and often known as the “fish eagle” because of their unique fishing skills. Their sharp talons and keen eyesight make them stand out in the wilderness.

Otter: Otters are playful creatures that spend most of their time in the water. They are excellent swimmers and often hunt for their food underwater. You can spot this adorable creature floating on its back and carrying their babies on their stomachs.

Bald Eagle: Bald eagles are a symbol of American pride and are true icons of Mobbly Bayou’s wildlife. These birds have special eyesight and can spot prey that is 4 times farther than the average human can. You can often spot them perched high in the trees or soaring high in the sky.

Squat Lobster: Squat Lobsters are tiny and look like misshapen crabs. They have small claws and can often be spotted clinging to sea sponges or mangroves.

Stingray: Stingrays are flat-shaped creatures that glide through the water with elegance. They often bury themselves in the sand and can grow up to 6 feet wide, making them hard to miss.

Snook: Snook is a popular gamefish in Florida. They are predators that love to hunt their prey in shallow waters. They are known for their stamina and beauty and are often sought after by anglers.

Loggerhead Sea Turtle: These enormous creatures can make your heart skip a beat when you spot them! Loggerheads can weigh up to 1,000 pounds and grow up to 3 feet long. They are famous for their egg-laying rituals on the beach.

Blue Crab: Blue crabs are common in shallow waters and are known for their stunning blue claws. They sift through sand and seaweed to find their prey and are a favorite amongst seafood lovers.

Bottlenose Dolphin: Bottlenose dolphins are intelligent and social creatures that love to interact with humans. They are a sight to behold and are known for their gentle and playful personalities.

Paddle Boarding Tampa at Empower Adventures

Paddle boarding through Mobbly Bayou is not just about traversing clear waters or exploring dense mangroves—it’s an opportunity to discover some of Florida’s most awe-inspiring creatures in their natural habitat. From gentle manatees to majestic eagles, Mobbly Bayou offers a one-of-a-kind experience. Book your next great discovery by paddle board at Empower Adventures in Tampa Bay.


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