Face your Fear: The Science Behind 2 Seconds of Courage

the science behind 2 seconds of courage at a zipline park

Face your Fear: The Science Behind 2 Seconds of Courage

You’re standing on a platform high among the trees.

Mobbly Bay is below you. You notice a gentle breeze. The view is impeccable.

You tug on your harness, safe and sound, but there’s a lot of air between you and the Earth.

Hello, fear.

You close your eyes, take a deep breath and let it settle.

You jump.

It takes 2seconds of courage to leap from atop a zip line platform. That moment of bravery can provide a foundation for personal growth and success. At Empower Adventures in Tampa Bay, we develop personal growth through zip line tours, ropes courses, and team-building exercises.

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Zip Lines Help Develop Courage as a Skill

At Empower Adventures, we believe leadership as a work ethic and courage as a skill can be used for everyday discourse

After you face, and conquer, the fear of that initial leap, you can overcome any mental hurdle. Those 2 seconds of courage serve as an inspiration and a reminder that anything is possible with determination.

Acts of Courage Are Rarely Dramatic

Shows of courage aren’t typically as dramatic as completing a zip line course. We frequently think of bravery as it’s found in Hollywood action movies. According to Harvard Business, that’s (very) rarely the case. “In business, courage seldom resembles the heroic impulsiveness that sometimes surfaces in life-or-death situations.”

More often, brave choices come from careful forethought and intentional follow-through. Courage is often found in small moments when a choice is carefully weighed against potential consequences.

Our course teaches following through and how to do it carefully, with intention, and ultimately with confidence and courage. Essentially, we teach about the final moment where the next thing to do is leap.

Embrace Your 2 Seconds of Courage with Empower Adventures

When you leap from one of our towers, the exhilaration delivers immediate joy. Your mind takes a break from the norm, and endorphins flow. This blast of good vibes improves overall well-being and carries into your everyday life.

The team at Empower Adventures in Tampa Bay is dedicated to unleashing the potential of every guest at our park. In addition to zip lines, we offer several other team-building and solo activities to boost your courage. Contact us online or call 813-448-5635 to book your adventure.

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