Zip Lining When It’s Hot: How to Prepare

A man celebrates while zip lining in the heat.

Zip Lining When It’s Hot: How to Prepare

Zip lining remains a popular, growing summer activity even when temperatures rise. Florida, in the summer, sees regular highs in the 90s. The 3,000 feet of zip lines at Empower Adventures zip among the tree lines, with trees offering frequent breaks from the Florida sun. 

Simple preparations will have you conquering your fears without the worry of overheating.

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How to Prepare for Summer Zip Lining

Preparation for zip lining in the heat is similar to any other activity in warm weather, with additional consideration for your helmet and harness. 

Clothing: Your pants may be the most crucial decision for the day. Keep in mind that a harness will be strapped around your waist and your thighs. Considering the potential for ‘ride-up’ – long pants, capris, or shorts with a fair amount of inseam will be your best bet. 

You will have a harness strapped to your chest and back. Your shirt should allow a full range of motion and is long enough to tuck. You’ll want sleeves that at least cover your shoulders to eliminate any place where the harness could rub against your skin.

Moisture-wicking activewear is the best option for top and bottom. And the closer everything fits, the better, as long as it doesn’t limit your flexibility.

Closed-Toe and Closed-Heel Shoes: Resist the urge to wear flops, crocs, or other sandals, despite the heat. There will be some climbing up to platforms and landing in between lines. Tennis shoes tied securely are the best option. 

Sunscreen: Hello, Captain Obvious. Do you use sunscreen by the ocean? The same concept applies.

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Find Thrills, Views, and Inspiration at Empower Adventures

The zip lines at Empower Adventures are open all four seasons and offer a thrill even in Tampa’s 90-degree highs in July and August. Contact Empower Adventures for a thrilling time at 813-448-5635, or book your reservation online today.

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