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Rules of Participation

Age limit, weight restrictions, what to bring, etc.

Weight Maximum

We have a maximum weight limit of 270 lbs.

You must be at least 7 years old to participate

All adventurers MUST be at least 70 lbs and at least 7 years old.

We recommend you be in reasonably good health

with average mobility and strength, able to stand on your feet for 3 hours, and climb 67 stairs. We strongly discourage from participating anyone that has recurring injuries, recent surgeries, or difficulty lifting your legs to your waist.

A liability waiver must be signed by all participants

All waivers should be completed prior to your tour online. If you need a digital copy to print, let us know by calling (813) 448-5635. Anyone under the age of 18 must have a signed waiver by a parent. If the parent is not present, a photocopy of the parent’s driver’s license must accompany the signed waiver. Children under 15 must be accompanied to the facility by an adult. Empower Adventures Tampa Bay, LLC and the City of Oldsmar shall not be liable for any accident or injury suffered by a guest while using the facilities.

Zip Line Adventure: Closed-toed shoes required

Proper attire includes sturdy, close-toed, closed heeled shoes, comfortable pants, tights, or shorts suitable for an outing in the woods. Please avoid accessories such as scarves, necklaces, hoop earrings, or others that may get snagged. Long hair should be in a low ponytail. Avoid skirts or dresses and please check the weather forecast on the morning of your tour. Valuables and items such as keys wallets, etc. should be secure.

Paddle Board Adventure: Water shoes recommended

Water shoes are recommended. Shoes without a heel or platform are safest. Comfortable clothing that you aren’t worried about getting wet. Dryfit type shirts work best, bottoms can be bathing suits, running shorts, yoga pants, etc. No need to accessorize, you won’t want to lose it on the water! We recommend keeping glasses, especially if they are prescription or expensive, on a cord around your neck to ensure you don’t lose them.

Individuals that Cannot Participate

  • Those that are pregnant.
  • Those with medical conditions that require immediate attention.
  • Those with existing or recurring injuries or those that have had recent major surgeries, especially for the back, legs, or knees. We may not be aware of your surgeries so please consult your doctor before participating.
  • Those under the influence of drugs, alcohol or anything else that impairs judgement.
  • Those with serious mental or physical handicaps or disorders that would not enable them to complete the mental and physical tasks that happen throughout the tour.

What to Bring


You may bring a camera or a GoPro

ONLY if it is secured somehow with a strap or otherwise. We also take photos of you throughout the tour; these photos are available to review and purchase at the end of the tour. Additionally you can rent a HD Helmet Camera during your reservation process or when checking in at the window.

Glasses and sunglasses

Glasses and sunglasses are recommended. However, if they are loose, we suggest having a strap.

Necessary medication

You are responsible for bringing and providing items such as inhalers, nitroglycerine pills, or epi-pens.

Hair tie

If you have long hair, please bring something that can hold it back.

Water Bottle

Please bring a bottle of water or refillable water bottle with you. Additionally, there is filtered water at our facility. Furthermore, if you have a small backpack, pouch, and/or carabiner, you can also bring that to take it on the adventure with you.


Dangling jewelry

Long necklaces and hoop earrings are not permitted.

Unsecured items

This is for the safety of those working or traveling under our zip lines and platforms.

Valuable items

We don’t have lockers and recommend putting valuables in the car or leaving at home.

About 2.5 hours from start to finish.

It is not uncommon to have a fear of heights. Many people who have a fear of heights are still able to enjoy our zip line in Tampa. You will be safely secured to our steel cable at all times when you are off the ground. Empower Adventures’ professional guides are thoroughly trained in zip line course procedures and will be with you throughout the entire course to answer all your questions and provide support.

You will be 25 to 65 feet off the ground.

You will need to wear close-toed and close-heeled shoes (such as tennis shoes). For safety, please do not wear Crocs or 5-Finger footwear. Wear comfortable clothing, but please avoid loose accessories (no scarves, etc.). Long hair needs to be tied back. Women should not wear skirts. Dress for the weather. Please do not wear any dangling jewelry. Also, please remove all things from your pockets, such as cell phones and wallets. You don’t want them falling out during the tour. We do not have a secure place to store your valuables, so please leave valuables at home or locked in your car. Empower Adventures is not responsible for property lost, damaged, or stolen during your tour.

Yes, we operate in the rain. However, the zip line course will be closed if there is lightning activity in the area. Empower Adventures will also close for high winds. If we know in advance that we will be closed, we will try to contact you at the contact number you provide to us when you book your tour. If your tour is canceled due to weather, you may either reschedule or receive a rain check.

All adventure activities done above the ground carry certain inherent risks. We have taken numerous steps to mitigate these risks. Our course was built to exceed ACCT professional building standards. Our guides are professionally trained and our equipment is very high quality. The course and equipment are inspected daily.

The zip line course spans over 20 acres, consisting of 5 zip lines ranging from 400 to 650 feet in length as well as a 200-foot suspension bridge! It takes around 2 hours to go through the full course.

The zip line canopy tours are designed for use by participants with average mobility and strength and who are in reasonably good health. Children must weigh 70 pounds or more.  Children under 15 years old must be accompanied on their tour by an adult. Children under 18 years old must have a parent or guardian on the present on the property, but it is not required for them to join on the tour. All participants must weigh under 270 lbs. Please call if you have any questions regarding weight limits. For additional information or questions please call our office at 813-448-5635.

Until further notice, we will only be accepting cashless payments. Payment is required in advance for all reservations.

You must check-in at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled activity. Please use this time to use the restroom, secure valuables, and get ready for your adventure! Please note: there is no smoking at the Empower Adventures Tampa Bay site.

Reservations are required for all adventures. Our tour groups are limited to 10 participants. Payment is required in full when the Zip Line Adventure reservation is made for the total number of participants in your reservation. Please book online or contact the Empower Adventures office for reservations at 813-448-5635.

Photos can be viewed and purchased after your tour is completed and will be emailed digitally to your email of choice. 

Our guides are professionally trained to ensure that you have an educational, enjoyable, and memorable experience. The tipping guideline is the industry standard of $5-$10 per person per guide.

For Recreational Programs Only:

We offer a 5% discount to parties of 8+. We also offer discounts for Kids (under 11), and Seniors (over 62).

Please call us for pricing for larger corporate or youth programs.

If you have more questions, please contact the Empower Adventures Tampa Bay office at 813-448-5635.

Of course.  Thank you for your service!  We offer discounts for Military members. Discounts apply to the All Photos Package and will save you $5. 

Zip Line Adventure

$ 74
Per Person
  • 5 Ziplines
  • 4 Adventure elements
  • 200 ft suspension bridge and a fun rappel while exploring Mobbly Bayou Wilderness Preserve

Waterside Zip Tour

$ 39
Per Person
  • 2 Ziplines
  • 200 ft suspension bridge and a fun rappel while exploring Mobbly Bayou Wilderness Preserve

Treetop Zip Tour

$ 49
Per Person
  • 3 Ziplines
  • 4 Adventure elements and a fun rappel while exploring Mobbly Bayou Wilderness Preserve

Sunset Zip Line Adventure

$ 84 Per Person
  • 5 Ziplines
  • 4 Adventure elements (not available on Moonlights)
  • 200 ft suspension bridge
  • Incredible views of Mobbly Bayou Wilderness Preserve and Tampa Bay

Waterside Zip Tour

$ 79 Per Person
  • 5 Ziplines
  • 200 ft suspension bridge
  • Limited availability, run only after the sun goes down!
  • Incredible views of Mobbly Bayou Wilderness Preserve and Tampa Bay

Got your Empower Adventure swag!

T-Shirts one for $25 and two for $40
Hats – $25
Tumblers – $15
Koozies – Bogo two for $5
Key Chain – $5
Bottle Opener – $5
Sunglass Straps – $5
Beenies – $20
Crewneck Sweaters – $40

Viewpioint Camera Rental and photo packages

ViewPoint Camera Rental is $25 when booking and $30 at the time of check-in

Photos and package deals:

One Photo for $5

Two-Three Photos for $15

All Photo Packages are determined by group size 

One to Two People- $25

Three to Four People – $30

five to Six People – $35

Seven to Eight People – $40

Nine Plus – $45

Merchandise and Photos are available for purchase before and after tours

Weather Policy

Tours operate in the rain, so please keep an eye on the weather and come prepared. However, the course will be closed for lightning activity and excessively high winds. If we know in advance that we will be closing the course due to weather, we will contact you at the number you provide to us when booking. Additionally, if your tour is cancelled due to weather, you will have the option to reschedule or receive a rain check. Furthermore, if your tour is underway and becomes interrupted due to weather, you will have the choice to wait out the storm. On the other hand, if you choose not to wait, no refunds or rain checks will be issued.

Cancellation Policy

All sales are final. No refunds will be issued; instead, a voucher for a return visit will be provided. If necessary, guests may reschedule their adventure reservations.

Moreover, if you do not show up for your tour without notice and we are unable to reach you at the phone number provided, no vouchers or store credit will be issued.

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