Top Reasons Why You Should Try Zip Lining

Zip line canopy tours at Empower Adventures offer thrilling rides with incredible views.

Top Reasons Why You Should Try Zip Lining

Zip lining has been rapidly growing in popularity over the past few years and if you’ve never experienced it, you’re probably wondering what all the hype is about. After the pandemic hit, people have been looking for something new and exciting to do while being outdoors. Zip lining is the perfect outdoor adventure for the whole family, it’s a great adrenaline rush without the feeling of your stomach dropping.

Aside from the thrill of adventure, unbeatable views, and amazing photo opportunities, there are a ton of health benefits to zip lining. I mean, what’s a better excuse than improving your health to try something new?

  • Reduce stress – Breath in the fresh air and soak up the sun. Getting sunlight and fresh air is scientifically proven to help reduce stress levels by helping to clear your mind. Increasing your oxygen levels improves your brain function and in turn, makes you feel more energized and awake by cleansing toxins from your respiratory system. Vitamin D is also a critical part of your immune system and spending time in the sun every day, can help strengthen it. A healthy immune system can help reduce the risk of illness, infections, and some cancers. Not to mention the water views from 65 feet up will help take your focus away from the stress of everyday life.
  • Increase your self-esteem – Here at Empower Adventures, we are all about empowering others through adventure activities. Trying new things and succeeding at accomplishing them, will increase your self-esteem and make you feel like you can do anything! Many people will avoid zip lining due to their fear of heights but we can assure you that we are 100% safe, 100% of the time. Can you imagine a world where we all let our fears hold us back from trying something new? If you can conquer your fears, you can do anything. It takes 2 seconds of courage to do something you never thought was possible.
  • Build stronger relationships – Zip lining is fun, exciting, and also a very emotional experience to share with your friends or family. These are the memories you will share and talk about for a lifetime. It’s not uncommon for people to have anxiety or fears when zip lining for the first time but having your friends or family to support you and conquer your fears, will bring you closer together.
  • Improves eyesight and balance – Zip lining gives you a really unique way to exercise your eyes and improve your long-distance vision. Your eyes will be forced to quickly switch focus from the ropes in front of you to the beautiful views provided by Tampa Bay. Think of it as physical therapy for your eyes which will help to improve your vision. Zip lining is also great therapy for your vestibular system. Hanging below the cables while zip lining takes away our proprioceptive system (muscles and joints) and forces us to rely on our visual system (eyes) and vestibular system (inner ears) in order to keep us balanced. As you strengthen your vestibular system, you can help to reduce the feeling of motion sickness, dizziness, and risk of falling. This all helps to improve your awareness of one’s physical body position in relation to gravity.
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