Tips to Prepare for Zip Lining

Tips to Prepare for Zip Lining

Zip lining can be an exhilarating experience, but it can also be scary your first time. With preparation, and keeping a few things in mind, your first experience doesn’t need to be scary at all. Here‘s some tips to help you prepare for zip lining and put your mind at ease.

Zip Line Tips for First-Timers

Here are a few safety tips to keep in mind that are useful for your first time zip lining at Empower Adventures and any time after:

  • Wear closed-toes shoes that fit comfortably without being too loose. You don’t want your footwear to fly off on the zip line, so it is best to wear things that fit snugly to your person.
  • Similar to the above tip, make sure that anything on your person is safely secured. If you have loose pockets or have something fastened to you that might fall off or out, make sure that it is properly secured or stored away so that it won’t fall out.
  • Never start without being instructed to do so. It is best to listen to your guide and follow their instructions for both your safety and other’s.
  • Read up on any guidelines before booking your next adventure. We want to make sure that you have all of the information you might need prior to adventuring with us.
  • Brush up on our rules of participation.

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Empower Adventures Safety Equipment

Being safe and secure on the zip line also involves equipment standards on our part to make sure that your adventure goes smoothly. To help put your mind at ease, here are some pieces of equipment that ensure your safety:

  • Helmets: We thoroughly inspect our helmets to make sure they are dent and defect-free and meet regulations. Helmets should be firmly strapped to your head and worn at all times during your adventure.
  • Harnesses: The harness will attach you to your zip line. We examine our harnesses for rips and tears so that all of our ropes are in perfect condition. Make sure that your harness is in a comfortable position before starting.
  • Lanyards, carabiners, trolleys, and pulleys: There are various other pieces of equipment that are inspected regularly that will be used to carry you along the zip line safely. Your guide will make sure that all equipment is fastened correctly.

Book Your Zip Line Adventure Today

Empower Adventures is one of the safest zip lines in the state of Florida and the nation. We are dedicated to safety and injury prevention to provide a gratifying guest experience. Book your adventure for zip lining, paddleboarding, obstacle courses, and more at Empower Adventures Tampa. If you have any questions about our safety policies, call us at 813-448-5635 or send us a message online.

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