Guess Where The Safest Place To Zip Line In Florida Is? Empower Adventures Covers Safety Protocol

Guess Where The Safest Place To Zip Line In Florida Is? Empower Adventures Covers Safety Protocol

Safety is an essential part of an action-adventure with your friends and family. Empower Adventures in Tampa, Florida, is one of the multiple amusement parks located in Florida for individuals of all ages. Fun in the sun and safety are our top priorities. When it comes to zip lining, passengers are lifted over 200 feet in the air, moving at 30 to 40 miles an hour; that’s fast and nerve-wracking for first-timers; but as we said, safety and passenger well-being always comes first. Today’s blog by Empower Adventures Tampa Bay discusses our safety protocols to ensure your high-flying adventure leaves you wanting more. 


Empower Adventures Safety Rules of Participation

Before you begin your zip lining venture, reading our safety rules and participation guides is fundamental to a safe flight. Located on our website under the Plan Your Visit tab, we have our rules of participation that break down the most critical aspects of safety and what you can do to guarantee fun and protection during your tour. The Empower Adventures Zip lining Do’s and Don’ts include: 

  • Closed-toed shoes
  • Loose hair pulled into a ponytail or bun 
  • Comfortable clothing; shorts, t-shirts, pants
  • Face Masks
  • Water for hydration
  • Camera or recording device on a strap 

We recommend leaving jewelry like dangling earrings, bracelets, and other valuable items at home or in your car to prevent loss. For more information about our Rules and Regulations, visit the Empower Adventures website.


How We Reduce Risk and Equipment Failure 

According to the ACCT Federal Zipline Standards, our zip lines are inspected daily by our engineers and certified tour guides. The zip lines are tested and evaluated repeatedly before a guest’s arrival to ensure they are up to code and function correctly. Equipment failure is rare due to the quality of our gear. We maintain safety protocols by examining our tools for any tears or rips in our harnesses, helmet defects, broken pieces in our lanyards and trolleys, and of course, a quick safety video beforehand to prepare our guests for their adventure. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, our gear is immediately separated, thoroughly sanitized with a cleaning solution, and left to dry for 72 hours before reuse. 


Empower Adventures Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions on our web page cover everything from safety guidelines, attire, acceptable items to bring, discounts, tour limitations, and more. Reading over our guides and FAQs prepares our guests for a pleasant zip line adventure and updates on how Empower Adventures Tampa maintains safety during the pandemic and in general for all concerned and curious attendees.


Plan Your Tour With Empower Adventures, Tampa Bay 

Empower Adventures is one of the safest zip lines in the state of Florida and among the nation. We are dedicated to safety and injury prevention to provide a gratifying guest experience and to debunk common zip lining fears. Today, book your adventure for zip lining, paddleboarding, obstacle courses, and more at Empower Adventures Tampa. If you have any questions about our safety policies, call us at 813-448-5635 or send us a message online

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