How Empower Adventures, Tampa Prevents Against Equipment Failure

Empower Adventures Tampa Bay

How Empower Adventures, Tampa Prevents Against Equipment Failure

Empower Adventures is a five-star rated ziplining course located in Tampa, Florida, filled with fun and amusement for children and families of all ages. Aside from thrills and entertainment, we take safety protocols very seriously to ensure everyone who rides the zipline is safe and secure, adhering to the guidelines and procedures outlined before a suspension. In today’s blog by Empower Adventures, we discuss how we maintain equipment and prevent our zip liners from equipment failure. 


Adherence to Federal and ACCT Ziplining Guidelines 


At Empower Adventures, we operate under the regulation of the ACCT (Association for Challenge Course Technology), adhering to the code and safety standards for all aerial adventure courses and remaining up-to-date with any industry changes. In addition to the ACCT, the Florida Department of Agriculture oversees all ziplining trails and amusement parks annually by a professional engineer or qualified inspector. During this evolution, a professional repeatedly inspects for potential equipment failure, ensuring all protocols, permits, and insurance documents are up to code. Here at Empower Adventures, we value the safety and lives of all of our guests. Each one of our Tampa Bay employees and engineers personally rides the ziplines daily and frequently to prevent any equipment failure for a guaranteed secured take-off.  


We Test and Inspect Personal Gear and Zipline Equipment Daily


We take several steps to minimize the risks involved, creating a course that exceeds the standards and expectations of the ACCT. Our high-quality zip lining courses and equipment are inspected daily by our trained staff of certified instructors and zipline technicians. In addition to the central attraction inspections like our Leap of Faith climbing adventure course, we provide protective gear such as helmets, harnesses, lanyards, and pulleys to check for any chips, broken pieces, or damaged parts. We also require our guests to double-check their borrowed equipment for added security before taking flight during the tutorial phase of their tour. 


Our Rules and Regulations

Although our high-grade zipline course is certified and examined daily, anything is possible. The Empower Adventures rules and regulations are outlined on our general website and visible throughout the park before the adventure begins. Pulled back hair, closed-toed shoes, loose clothing, and removal of all valuables are a part of our safety guidelines to keep guests protected at all times and avoiding equipment failure. 


Book Your Zipline Adventure with Empower Adventures 


Reserve your spot with Empower Adventures and experience the most incredible rush of excitement Tampa has to offer. We adhere to the highest national safety standards to ensure safety for children and individuals of all ages. If you do not wish to zipline, there are plenty of other group and solo activities for all to enjoy, like our suspension bridge walk or obstacle climb course. To book your group adventure, contact us online or call 813-448-5635 for more details. We can’t wait to see you there! 

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