How Zip Lining Helps You Relieve Stress

Person zip lining over trees

How Zip Lining Helps You Relieve Stress

Person zip lining over treesMore and more people are looking for innovative activities to reduce their stress levels. The amount of work we take on in our society results in the need to embrace more active avenues for stress relief. 

Did you know that zip lining is a great way to do this? In today’s blog, our team at Empower Adventures in Tampa, Florida, will cover the details on how zip lining creates an excellent stress management technique. 

The Adrenaline Rush

Believe it or not, adrenaline can result in positive changes to the brain. One of these changes involves the removal of cortisol, the hormone that results from stress. In that first moment when you’re launching from the aerial platform you’ll feel a surge in energy and strength. After the initial shock, you’ll notice that excitement begins to replace fear. 

This happens because of an adrenaline rush. 

The natural high associated with adrenaline causes your body to, momentarily, become numb to pain and fear. The cortisol build up from the stress of your daily routine suddenly disappears thanks to this adrenaline rush. 

Being Outdoors

An adrenaline rush paired with the natural effect from being outdoors offers an excellent combination for relaxation. 

The scientific benefits that result from spending time outdoors are revealed in the Student Conservation Association’s article, How Going Outside Improves Our Mood and Health Even in Winter. When our skin becomes naturally exposed to the sun’s UVB rays, it soaks up the sunlight. Your skin converts this sunlight to vitamin D. And because vitamin D is a natural mood booster we feel a surge in energy levels and an increase to our happiness. The article also states that the mental stimulation of having beautiful scenery to look at while experiencing the outdoors also results in a positive change in mood. 

When experiencing an activity like zip lining, so much is going on within our bodies that it isn’t surprising to feel a positive overall increase to our mental and physical health. 

Exercise Improves Your Mental Health

All of this sounds amazing, but did you know that when you’re engaging in physical activity, you are exercising? It’s true, the physical exertion of energy in an activity that is meant to improve your overall health is considered exercise

A fascinating fact, covered by the American Psychological Association’s article, Working out boosts brain health, is that when our bodies exert energy we’re increasing both the blood flow and oxygen supply to our brains. This momentary increase causes a disruption in the typical function patterns for the brain, which can literally change the way we think in that moment and after. 

The increase in oxygen and blood supply can promote the growth of new neurons in the hippocampus, which is the part of the brain responsible for learning and memory. This means the momentary adaptation from your initial adrenaline rush leads to an increase in oxygen and blood to your brain, and therefore promotes growth in learning and memory.


Essentially, our brains train themselves to expect neurological changes when experiencing adrenaline-inducing situations, like zip lining! We create a positive physical experience by being outdoors and exerting energy that we normally wouldn’t. The natural effect of zip lining is that we begin to long for more experiences like this. Our bodies and minds learn to normalize this experience. This is why we relax when exploring sports like zip lining and we focus more on enjoying the experience in the moment, versus feeling stressed by it. 

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Want to Reduce Stress? Stop by Empower Tampa!

Here at Empower Tampa, we work to create an atmosphere of fun and adventure through zip lining, and we let mother nature do the rest. If you’re looking for a place where bravery and beauty mix, come out and zip line with us! Contact us online or call 813-448-5635 for more details on our zipline adventures!

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