Our Zip Lines Are For the Birds – Literally! Check Out Who You Will Be Sharing the Skies With at Empower Adventures!

Osprey at Empower Adventures Tampa Bay

Our Zip Lines Are For the Birds – Literally! Check Out Who You Will Be Sharing the Skies With at Empower Adventures!

You may think you’re in for just a great day of zip lining, but you’re in for so much more. At Empower Adventures, we are more than just home to fun, we are home to an array of exotic and wild birds that call the Mobbly Bayou Wilderness Preserve their home. Hang out with them atop the lines and enjoy the views they see every day. 

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Osprey & Eagles 

The osprey is a bird of prey, native to several areas of North America, including the coastal regions of Florida. Smaller than a bald eagle, it has a wingspan of 5 to 6 feet. It is part of the hawk family and its identified by a ‘crook’ in their wings, often creating a “M” shape. They love a good meal of fish and often will build stick nests as close to the water as possible, atop poles, trees and even channel markers. Or in our case, on our rope bridge.

The American bald eagle has also been known to make an appearance among the zip lines that run across Mobley Bay. Like the osprey, bald eagles are year-round residents of Florida, taking advantage of fresh and saltwater dining. In fact, this mighty bird can actually be lazy. A bald eagle will watch and wait for an osprey to do the hunting. Once the osprey has a fish in its mouth, the eagle will dive and swoop on the smaller bird until it drops its catch and the eagle grabs, flying off with dinner for very little effort. 

Cranes, Herons, Egrets and Ibis

Looking down as you glide through the preserve, you may catch a glimpse of birds of the long-legged kind. These cranes, herons and ibis love to walk about the swampy marshes, waiting for prey to swim across their path. 

Egrets are a member of the heron family. These tall, white birds often show off their extremely long necks and yellow bills. They can crook their neck in an “S” shape. Like its cousin, egrets are often seen alone, fishing for food in shallow waters. 

The great white or blue herons usually always make their homes near water. Like their name suggests, these tall stately birds are known for their colors and for the orange plume on their heads. They move slowly and gracefully, eating small fish, frogs and other food the water offers. Herons are often seen alone and do not like people. 

The white ibis may be one of the most noticeable birds because of the stark contrast between its white body, black tail feathers and bright reddish-pink beak and legs. The Ibis is a social bird, undeterred by people as long as there is food nearby. They fly in flocks. 

The Brown Pelican 

Pelicans are identified by their large pouch at the base of their throat. This is their ‘tote’ to catch and carry their dinner. Pelicans live in saltwater areas and will rarely be seen inland. They rely on the water for their food, often flying low over lakes, ponds and coasts, swooping down, gulping the catch in their big pouch.

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Birds at Empower Adventures Tampa Bay

We work to create an atmosphere of fun and adventure, and we let mother nature do the rest. If you’re looking for a place where bravery and beauty mix, come out and zip line with us. It’s literally for the birds! Empower Adventures Tampa Bay offers you the chance to get back to nature. Contact us online or call 813-448-5635 for more details on our zip line adventures!

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