Fascinating Ways Zip Lining Helps Us to Be Better Humans

Sunset at Empower Adventures Tampa Bay with clouds

Fascinating Ways Zip Lining Helps Us to Be Better Humans

Sunset at Empower Adventures Tampa Bay with cloudsZip lining has been around in some form for at least 2,000 years, dating back to ancient China, India, and Japan. Since then, zip lining has evolved into an adventure sport that allows you to experience the thrill of flying in a safe environment. Today’s blog from Empower Adventures Tampa Bay explores the fascinating ways zip lining helps us to be better humans.

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Develop a Love for Nature

Researchers began to use zip lines to study remote areas of tropical rainforests in the 1970s. They used zip lines because they have a low impact on the surrounding environment, a crucial element of studying pristine forests in Costa Rica and other tropical climates. At Empower Adventures Tampa Bay, you get to see our nature preserve from a new perspective, which helps our guests appreciate our environment and develop a deeper love of nature.

Communicate Better

Zip lines were originally intended for communication between rugged, mountainous areas. People would send notes and goods via zip lines, and then they would traverse remote areas to travel. Zip lines helped people stay in touch and communicate. 

Today, zip lines serve a purpose for communication, but in a different way. First, all of our guests must listen to the safety instructions of our zip line guides. Second, zip line participants can convey their feelings of excitement, apprehension, exhilaration, and relief during their aerial adventures. When we get in touch with our feelings during a tour, it teaches us that talking about feelings and expressing them in a healthy manner is perfectly okay.

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Appreciate Our Teammates

We offer group activities at Empower Adventures Tampa Bay. We follow a challenge-by-choice policy, meaning anyone can opt out of an activity if they feel the activity is beyond the person’s physical or mental capabilities. As such, we learn to appreciate our teammates for who they are during a zip line adventure. 

It’s okay to say no. It’s okay to accept the challenge and grow. No matter what, we learn to acknowledge our differences and understand that everyone has their own talents. Even if someone opts out of zip lining, they can still cheer on their teammates from the ground and encourage the group.

Respect Our Challenges

Zip lining helps us overcome fears, like fears of flying, heights, or wide-open spaces. There is an inherent (though minimal) risk involved in zip lining. When we embrace the risk and overcome fears, it teaches us to respect our challenges. To move through those challenges, we carefully weigh the risks versus rewards, and that helps us to solve problems. Who knows? We could solve the problem of zip lining one day, and the next, we’re solving larger issues like world peace, hunger, poverty, and homelessness because we were inspired by a high-flying adventure.

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Zip Lining At Empower Adventures Tampa Bay

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