Why Challenge by Choice Is Vital at Empower Adventures Tampa Bay

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Why Challenge by Choice Is Vital at Empower Adventures Tampa Bay

One tenet we follow here at Empower Adventures Tampa Bay is called “challenge by choice.” This idea is part of every team-building exercise we host at our nature preserve, and it’s a very important philosophy we follow. Today’s blog explains why challenge by choice represents a vital concept at our zip line adventure park.

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What Does Challenge By Choice Mean?

Challenge by choice means anyone can opt out of a team-up activity if that person feels the activity remains outside of their physical abilities. This allows people to empower themselves to participate with their teammates. 

Acceptance of Everyone on the Team

No one faces any pressure to participate in a team activity at Empower Adventures Tampa Bay. When someone opts out, they don’t have to give a reason. One main lesson of challenge by choice is that teammates and team leaders accept their teammates for their option to decline an activity. In fact, other members of the team may decide to sit out, too, just to show their teammate that they support them. It’s a touching gesture so that no one feels left out and everyone feels welcome.

Encourages Team Building

Challenge by choice at Empower Adventures Tampa Bay encourages team building because someone may initially choose to opt out of an activity. Then that person may realize they can make a valuable contribution to the outcome of the team. In overcoming their initial reticence, the person recognizes their contribution means a lot to everyone around them by opting back in to the activity.

Contributing in Other Ways

Empower Adventures Tampa Bay’s team-based activities allow everyone to think creatively. Even if someone opts out of an activity, they can still contribute in other ways. Someone watching from the sidelines can shout out encouraging words, smile and wave, or give their emotional support. Someone may have insights as to how to solve a tough problem by seeing the activity from a different perspective. The person choosing to sit out can tell his or her teammates how to solve the problem. Challenge by choice gives everyone a chance to find creative ways to participate, even from the sidelines.

Overcoming Fears

Overcoming fears doesn’t have to mean peer pressure to get someone to soar 60 feet above the ground. When someone who is afraid of heights sees how safe zip lining is and how much fun their team is having, their feelings of camaraderie may overcome their fear of heights. This is especially true if a mentor on the team leads the way by example.

Once someone opts back in, teammates support that person and are happy they’re up there in the sky with them. Challenge by choice isn’t just about sitting out. It’s also about someone choosing to grow.

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Group Activities at Empower Adventures

Empower Adventures Tampa Bay offers fun and exciting group activities for your team, whether you seek corporate team-building exercises, empowering activities for teens and children, or a fun outing with your colleagues. Contact us or call 813-448-5635 for more information!

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