Why People Seek Adventure on Zip Line Courses

Empower Adventures Tampa Bay Why Adventure on Zip Line Courses

Why People Seek Adventure on Zip Line Courses

Empower Adventures Tampa Bay Why Adventure on Zip Line CoursesEmpower Adventures Tampa Bay specializes in safe thrills for individuals and groups. We encourage adventurers to soar through the air 60 feet above our nature preserve, traverse our aerial adventures, and take a high-flying Leap of Faith. We empower you to overcome obstacles while experiencing the thrills of flying. Why do people seek adventure on zip line courses? Empower Adventures Tampa Bay explains.

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Taking Risks & Overcoming the Unknown

Humans have been taking risks ever since we evolved into Homo sapiens. Our ancestors, hundreds of thousands of years ago, migrated out of Africa and into Asia and Europe. Then some of us set out on primitive boats to land in Australia and Polynesia. Others of us walked across a land bridge that once connected Alaska and Siberia. 

A zip line course is a little of the same thing. Humans have a need to take risks, explore our world, and take hold of the unknown. Our zip line adventure gives you a taste of all three aspects. There is a feeling of risk associated with soaring 60 feet above the ground, even though we take every safety precaution with our zip line courses. You get to see the world from a new perspective once you’re flying above our nature preserve. And if you’ve never zip lined before, this is definitely a new experience for you.

Hyper Focus

The risks of adventuring put your mind into a mode of hyper-focus. You start to pay attention to every little detail in your body. Your heart rate and breathing increase. The amygdala, at the base of the brain, assesses the unknown. Your brain registers a perception of a threat to your survival, whether it’s real or imagined. Soaring through a zip line course lets you experience this reaction.

Followed by a Rush

Once your brain registers the threat as you go through an adventure, several hormones are released. Endorphins, testosterone, adrenaline, and dopamine enhance your hyper-focused experience by putting your entire body on alert for danger. Your body gets a rush of these things all at once, all in about 60 seconds, before the feeling subsides. You’ll definitely experience this type of reaction on our zip line course. You might enjoy this rush so much that you’ll want to experience it again to get that feeling back. 

And Then a Healing

One effect of seeking adventures is that the brain can heal. Adventure therapy can help patients deal with emotional stresses, such as post-traumatic stress, relationship difficulties, and a lack of self-confidence. The reason is that a hyper-focused adventure allows your brain to move away from focusing on whatever problems you’re facing. It naturally directs more neurons away from whatever’s bugging you and builds more neurons when you go on an adventure. In a sense, your brain bypasses the stress and builds connections around it thanks to the memories of your zip line adventure.

Every time you go on another adventure, your brain builds more neurons away from the PTSD and psychological stress, allowing your brain to heal. Studies have shown that adventure experiences can improve self-competency, personal empowerment, trust, personal identity, emotional resiliency, and social bonding. All because your brain creates a memorable experience that you want to experience time and again. 

Our zip line course allows you to escape from the ordinary world for a bit along our 2.5-hour tour.

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Zip Line Course at Empower Adventures Tampa Bay

Empower Adventures Tampa Bay offers a zip line adventure and sunset adventure for anyone who wants to experience thrills in relative safety. You’ll experience soaring through the air at 60 feet above our beautiful nature preserve. You can bring a waterproof camera to capture the experience from your point of view. Contact Empower Adventures Tampa Bay or call (813) 448-5635 for more details on our social distancing regulations.

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