Zip Line Features That Set Our Course Apart

Zip line Course Features Empower Adventures

Zip Line Features That Set Our Course Apart

Empower Adventures Tampa Bay makes it easy to indulge your adventurous side while keeping safety in mind. We’re Tampa’s premier, 5-star-rated zip line and aerial adventure park because we understand what our customers want. Today’s blog from Empower Adventures explains a few zip line features that set our course apart from others. 

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A Bridge

We have five zip lines spanning 3,000 feet total. How do you get from one zip line platform to the next? Most courses make short connections, but one part of our aerial adventure stands out. Experience our 200-foot suspension bridge high above the bayou. Make sure to stop and take in the view from 60 feet in the air! 


Zip lines should be fast. That’s the thrill as you safely reach speeds that make it seem like you’re flying through the air like a bird or a plane! Some extreme zip lines reach insanely fast speeds close to or over 100 mph! The zip lines at Empower Adventures Tampa Bay top out near 40 mph. That’s faster than most birds in the bayou can fly.


Once you reach your top speed, you want to experience the adrenaline rush of flying for an appreciable amount of time. Our zip lines range from 400 to 650 feet, giving you plenty of distance to reach top speed and stay there. Make sure to gaze at the beautiful landscape of our bayou preserve while making your best seagull impression!

Getting Close to Nature

Empower Adventures Tampa Bay is proud that we help preserve the natural landscape of our 400-acre property. Twenty of those acres form the central part of our zip line course. You might see water birds, storks, and even a hawk or two. There are plenty of palm trees you’ll soar past from one zip line station to the next. You might even scare a bird as it flutters away from its perch on one of our zip lines! 

Professionally Trained Staff

Safety is our number one priority for customers. That’s why every guide at Empower Adventures Tampa Bay receives professional training. Every member of our staff is courteous and encouraging. They also ensure all safety equipment is working correctly and that you feel ready to take on our two-hour zip line canopy tour.

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Welcome to Empower Adventures Tampa Bay

We welcome you, your family, and your group to Empower Adventures Tampa Bay. We’re open seven days a week, year-round, and we operate in the rain. Contact Empower Adventures or call (813) 448-5635 for more information.

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