Empower Adventures Tampa Bay Showcases 5 Water Activities You Can Do in Tampa Bay

Water Activities Empower Adventures Tampa Bay

Empower Adventures Tampa Bay Showcases 5 Water Activities You Can Do in Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay is known for its water activities, particularly during our warmest months of the summer. May through August are the most fun months of the year for sure! Empower Adventures Tampa Bay takes a look at the top five water activities to do in and around our beautiful city.

1. Snorkeling

Egmont Key State Park in Fort Desoto is a snorkeler’s paradise. Several companies host snorkeling tours, including a chance to snorkel with wild dolphins frolicking in the surf. Empower Tampa Bay loves thrillseekers, and snorkeling in Tampa Bay can’t be beat!

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2. Kayaking/Canoeing

Hillsborough River State Park offers an opportunity to gaze at some of our area’s amazing wildlife. Canoe or kayak silently downstream to view wild ibises, sandhill cranes, hawks, deer, and turtles. If you’re lucky, you may see an elusive alligator or two. Empower Adventures Tampa Bay sits in a natural area, so it’s also a great place to see wildlife.   

3. Jet Skiing

On a busy summer day, you may see hundreds of jet skis out on the bay. Make sure to wear your lifejacket and watch out for bigger boats when you’re out on the water. Empower Adventures Tampa Bay wants you and your family to be safe when you’re having fun, much like our staffers want you to be safe when you’re flying through the air on a zipline!

4. Parasailing

Parasailing along the beach gives you a view of the bay’s blue waters and the thrill of a lifetime. A motorboat pulls you up and into the air, and you see the water dozens of feet below. Empower Adventures Tampa Bay encourages you to parasail at least once to experience something akin to flying, much like ziplining on one of our aerial adventures.

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5. Paddleboarding 

Empower Adventures Tampa Bay has more than just ziplining on our scenic property. We also have a stand-up paddleboarding tour to complement our zipline experience. You get both a scenic view from above and then a close-up tour of our nature preserve. Contact Empower Adventures today or call (813) 448-5635 for more details.

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