How to Design an Aerial Adventure Park

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How to Design an Aerial Adventure Park

Building an aerial adventure park can be a lot of work; however, the reward after construction is full of thrills for years to come. These parks are designed to push the limits of balance and agility as you hop, leap, and bound from obstacle to obstacle. While they can be difficult and frightening at times because of the height of the ropes and bridges, an aerial adventure park is sure to get your adrenaline pumping.

Whether you want to open a new adventure park or you just want to add some obstacles in your yard, you will probably need professional design help. In today’s blog, Empower Adventures offers some simple steps that go into the design of an aerial adventure park. 

Decide on a Location

You will need to have a great location to get the best aerial experience possible! Typically, these adventure parks are high in the treetops in heavily wooded areas. It is crucial to have multiple, thick trees in your location because these are going to be the backbone of the obstacles. It can be difficult to design an aerial adventure park in very tight quarters, so look for a location that allows you to spread your obstacles out!

Determine Tower Locations

Towers are essential for the safety of an adventure park. These platforms may be built around the trunk of a tree or they may be free-standing platforms. Either way, they must be strong enough to withstand both weather and wear. The more towers in the adventure park, the more obstacles you can implement.

Adding Obstacles

Obstacles are what make an aerial adventure park an adventure! These high-flying ropes and bridges will push your limits while you try and balance from tower to tower. There are many different things you can add, such as ladders, tight ropes, balance beams, swinging ropes, and much more. Before adding these obstacles, make sure they fit the parameters of the course and are challenging but not impossible!

Extra Safety Features

Safety is a top priority when you are designing an aerial adventure course. It is important to reinforce the towers and ropes throughout the park. Because these ropes are high off the ground, it can be very dangerous without proper safety precautions. Elements such as harnesses, carabiners, and support cables need to be a priority when you design the adventure park.

Experience Weightlessness at Empower Adventures Tampa

Empower Adventures is one of the best zip line courses and aerial adventure parks you can experience. Located in the Tampa Bay area, Empower Adventures offers thrill after thrill as your balance and tip-toe your way through the course. Rather than designing your own course, come experience our highly-rated zip line course for yourself! Check out our upcoming events and contact us with any questions you might have.


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