5 Most Extreme Zip Line Courses in the World

5 Most Extreme Zip Line Courses in the World

Zip lining has quickly made its mark on the pantheon of extreme outdoor activities. This fast-paced, high-flying, thrill-seeking action gets your adrenaline pumping immediately as you race down the cable. You can find courses throughout the world, as many landscapes allow for the perfect zip. If you are looking for a real thrill, some extreme landscapes offer some of the best cables in the world. In today’s blog, Empower Adventures Tampa shares five of the most intense zip line courses in the world. 

5. Dragon’s Breath Flight Line; Labadee, Haiti

This thrilling zip line course is a part of Royal Caribbean International Cruises as a pitstop in Haiti. Dragon’s Breath Flight Line brings you to the top of the beaches of Labadee where you can look out and see the 2,600-foot long cable stretching across the shoreline and above the ocean. From the launch point, you have a perfect view of the sandy white beaches and the deep blue seas. As you step off the platform, which is 500 feet above the beach, you will reach speeds between 40-50 mph on your trip down to Dragon’s Breath Rock!

4. Icy Strait Point ZipRider; Hoonah, Alaska

Icy Strait Point is positioned perfectly on the top of the Hoonah Mountain, which is 1,550 feet above sea level. This zip line is a little different than your average ride. Unlike a typical zip line course where you are strapped in with a harness, Icy Strait is a ZipRider, which is more like a seat. Icy Strait Point ZipRider is also the largest ZipRider in the world!

This extreme zip line course consists of six 5,330’ zip lines, bringing you down 1,330 feet back to the ground. You will reach speeds of over 60 mph!

3. Zip2000; Sun City, South Africa

Zip2000 has rightfully earned a spot in the top five most extreme zip line courses in the world. At one point holding the world records for World’s Longest, Highest, and Fastest zip line, it is sure to bring an instant trill to any adrenaline junkie. As you soar for over 1.25 miles, you will reach speeds of around 100mph! You will have an amazing view of the African plains as you move quickly over the deep valley.

2. Sky Trek; Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica

Located in the Costa Rican jungle, Sky Trek delivers a truly amazing experience. Not only do these one-of-a-kind zip lines stretch from mountain to mountain, but you will cross canyons, valleys, and much more. You will ascend 4,100 feet on an open-air gondola! As you are zipping through the landscape, you will have a perfect view of the Arenal Volcano!

1. Jebel Jais Flight; United Arab Emirates

Recently named the longest zip line in the world, the Jebel Jais Flight is unlike any other. This zip line course descends from the highest mountain in the UAE as you reach speeds up to 93mph! This single cable attraction is 1.7 miles long, only taking a couple of minutes to reach the bottom. For the cable alone, it is longer than 28 professional soccer stadiums and the Golden Gate Bridge!

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