How Zip Line Courses are Made

Zip line trolleys draped over a platform

How Zip Line Courses are Made

After the thrill of a good zip-line course adventure, you’ll be hooked! A lot goes into planning, organizing, and designing these intricate courses. But what if you want a course of your own? If you have space and time to construct a professional zip line, you will need to understand how to build it. In today’s blog, Empower Adventures walks you through some steps on what goes into creating a professional zip line course. Keep in mind that zip line courses are to be built by professionals for state-of-the-art safety!

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Finding the Right Location

To have an action-packed course, you will want to have a large, open space for several platforms and cables. It can be challenging to find areas where cables can run directly without the fear of dangling legs or narrow passages. Make sure if you have enough space to construct a zip line course, and the ground can support your towers!

Tower Placement

Placing the towers is one of the most critical parts of a zip line course. It’s essential to determine the proper height each tower needs to be to support braking systems and desired speed. This process uses several engineering equations to ensure the cables will be hung properly. Engineering will also be used to design the shape of the tower and the cable specifications.

Platform Construction

After determining placement and cable specifications, the towers are ready to be assembled. For each zip line, there will need to be an arrival platform and a departure platform. These platforms need to be constructed to support both the weight of adventurers and the weight of the zip line equipment. The size of these platforms is vital so that the thrill-seekers can move around safely. For even more safety precautions, make sure to have cords on all platforms to attach the harnesses to in order to prevent any unexpected falls!

Cable Installation

Zip line courses would be nothing without cables. After the towers are built, the cables need to be installed. You should already have all of the cable lengths and specifications from the planning stage. Now it’s just a matter of connecting them correctly. Once all the cables are secured and safe, your fun is ready to begin!

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Empower Adventure’s 5-Star Zip Line Course

Empower Adventures in Tampa Bay has a professional zip line adventure that provides thrill after thrill. These fast-moving zip lines, obstacle courses, and the 200-foot suspension bridge make your adrenaline dream a reality. Our amazing zip line guides are sure to make your adventure a blast. If you need a break from an ordinary, slow-moving day, check out Empower Adventures to plan a day for your new favorite hobby!

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