5 Zip Line World Records That Will Blow Your Mind

Zip Line Adventure in Wales, UK

5 Zip Line World Records That Will Blow Your Mind

Zip lines inspire awe and a sense of adventure in people who love to soar through the air and explore their world from a different view. Our aerial adventures give you a taste of what it’s like to speed over the landscape, but other facilities take the excitement to entirely new levels. Check out these five zip line world records that will blow your mind.

Longest Zip Line

The longest zip line in the world is a whopping 1.7 miles long, or around 30 football fields. This record-holder sits atop the highest mountain in the United Arab Emirates, called Jebel Jais. You can fly around like Superman or Supergirl at speeds of more than 90 miles per hour. Believe it or not, the zip line at Jebel Jais is not the fastest in the world.

Fastest Zip Line

Sail over Penrhyn Quarry in North Wales where your speed tops out at an amazing 125 miles per hour on the world’s fastest zip line. You enjoy the freedom of flight and the wind whipping around you as you take in the sights of one of the highest points in Wales. Hilly views are one of the draws of North Wales, but there is an alpine location that’s even higher.

Highest Zip Line

Imagine starting at a snow-covered mountain peak of 10,000 feet above sea level and swooping over three valleys in under two minutes. That’s what fun feels like at La Tyrolienne in the French Alps. If you ever consider a wintertime ski vacation, the world’s highest zip line cannot be missed. If you prefer long overall courses, a spot in the southern United States fits the bill.

Longest Zip Line Course

Head to historic Banning Mills in Whitesburg, Georgia, west of Atlanta. There you’ll find more than 125 individual zip lines measuring 7.5 miles total, the world’s longest course by total length. You would need 12 hours to explore the entire canopy of lush, green forest. If you want to spend all day on a zip line without seeing the same view twice, this is your place.

Most Unique Use for a Zip Line

Some places in India and China are so remote, they don’t have working bridges. One teacher in Uttarakhand, India, commutes to work every day using a zip line over a river. He clutches a backpack to his chest to prevent it from falling into the rapids below. Talk about dedication to your job!

Have Fun at Empower Adventures

All of these amazing records are fun to read about, but they don’t quite convey how it truly feels to fly along a zip line. Come out to Empower Adventures to see what all the fuss is about. You’ll soar 60 feet above the ground along 3,000 feet of lines. Contact us today to reserve your spot on our aerial adventure course.

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