How a Group Activity at Empower Adventures Improves Company Morale

Four People Racing on Zip Lines

How a Group Activity at Empower Adventures Improves Company Morale

At Empower Adventures, we believe team-building activities are one key to strengthening the bonds of a team. There’s something about soaring through the air, conquering a fear of heights, and leaving the ground behind for a little while that inspires people to be better towards each other. We believe a group activity at our adventure center improves company morale on several levels. Read on to discover how.

Encouragement for One Another

A group activity helps your teammates encourage one another. When someone hesitates to step off the zip line platform or looks scared to tackle the aerial obstacles, encouraging words from colleagues help alleviate their fears. Encouragement also builds trust that the team can get things done together no matter what.

Team Goals

Every piece of the puzzle comes together to accomplish team goals. These goals include fun ground-based activities and 3,000 feet of aerial adventures nearly 60 feet in the air. Some of these entertaining games have a purpose, such as thinking outside the box, communicating effectively, and enhancing planning processes. A group activity at Empower Adventures gets the creative juices flowing when team members think quickly to solve problems.  

Challenges by Choice

Not everyone on a team may accept the challenge of a zip line course. That’s okay. Empower Adventures adopts a challenge by choice philosophy, meaning participants can opt out of any group activity that is outside of their physical abilities. This way of thinking encourages acceptance of people who make different choices from their peers. It also creates an environment where everyone on a team is welcome. This is a valuable concept at the office because everyone feels they have a place on the team no matter what any perceived limitations they have.  

Group Camaraderie

“Remember when we went ziplining?” Ralph mentions this to Jacob sitting next to him during an intense client meeting. Jacob smiles and instantly relaxes. One of the client’s teams overhears and says, “We went ziplining, too!” Suddenly, both teams bond over their experiences and the tension dissipates. A group activity at Empower Adventures fosters a sense of accomplishment. It also sows the seeds that the team can overcome any challenges it faces, including trying to land a big contract or solving a complex problem at the office.

Contact Empower Adventures About a Group Activity Today

Led by our professionally trained guides, our custom group activity programs are perfect for creating strong teams, building team relationships, improving morale, providing professional and personal growth, and simply having fun. Contact us today to find out how we can help you create a fantastic team experience.

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