Qualities Needed to Be a Zip Line Tour Guide

zip line tour guide leads group across bridge at Empower Adventures Tampa

Qualities Needed to Be a Zip Line Tour Guide

In a previous blog from the Empower Adventures team, we covered what it’s like to work as a zip line tour guide. In this follow-up blog, we’re going into a little more detail about the position. Specifically speaking to the kind of qualities it takes to make a really great zip line team member. What kind of qualities make an effective tour guide? What can a zip line tour guide offer someone looking for a unique and empowering experience? Read on to find out.

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A Zip Line Tour Guide Needs Confidence

Confidence is a huge part of being a great zip line guide. You’ll need to be ready to work at some significant heights on a daily basis. Not only that, but you’ll need to be confident that you fully understand all of the safety considerations and your own responsibilities. It’s not just confidence about the height, speed, and security of the zip line. You’ll also need to be confident and outgoing when it comes to people. A zip line guide isn’t just there for safety and efficiency. They’re also there to make the experience memorable for guests.

A Zip Line Tour Guide Needs Attentiveness

An important part of a zip line guide’s confidence and customer service comes from attentiveness. The ability to focus is important — from training right up to guiding visitors on their zip line adventure. A zip line guide has a lot to learn about the technical side of zip line safety gear, so the ability to listen and understand is vital. It’s also vital when it comes to dealing with customers. Zip line riders often have a lot of questions — especially if they’re first-timers. You need to be able to engage with them.

A Zip Line Tour Guide Needs Patience

A good zip line guide also needs patience. Empower is all about helping people push through their own boundaries. We also understand that people need to do things in their own time. There can be a fine line between helping someone face a challenge and scaring them into it. The best zip line tour guides have the patience and intuition to work with all kinds of different people to make sure they get the absolute best experience from their adventure.

A Love of Adventure

A natural love for adventure, excitement, and the rush of adrenaline you get from zipping through the trees is an absolute must for a zipline tour guide. If you like the idea of a heart-pounding rush being a regular part of your day, a career in zip line adventures might be for you.

Experience Real Empowerment with a Zip Line Adventure

If you’re looking for a zip line adventure with a team that has all of these qualities, visit our zip line in Tampa Bay, Florida. From birthdays to office team-building events, our zip line adventure is open year-round to help you find a new sense of confidence. Contact the team at Empower Adventures in Tampa Bay today.

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