Tips for Organizing a Birthday Zip Line Adventure

Tips for Organizing a Birthday Zip Line Adventure

There are a lot of different ways you can throw a party to celebrate someone’s birthday. The important thing is to make it memorable. The most surefire way to make it memorable is to make it unique. Ever thought of a zip line adventure? Empower Adventures is the center of adventure in Tampa Bay and a great place to celebrate a birthday. In this blog, we’ll explain all the details.

Decide How Many People to Invite

Any good zip line adventure park will be able to accommodate different numbers of people. That said, deciding how many people you plan to invite for a party as far in advance as possible will make things much easier. Not only will booking the zip line ride go more smoothly, but planning the rest of the day will, too.

Let Everyone Know in Advance

Speaking of knowing things in advance, you need to make it clear for all those invited that there will be a zip line ride involved. Whether the birthday event is for kids or adults, they will need to know beforehand. While Empower makes zip lining inclusive, riding a zip line isn’t for everyone. Letting people know beforehand will give them some warning.

Find Out Details About What the Park Offers

You should also ask about any birthday-specific tour and event packages at the venue when you call to reserve your tour. For example, Empower offers birthday packages that include two zip line rides and pizza, drinks, and cupcakes for up to eight kids. Packages will vary depending on where you book, so always ask what a park offers.

Check with Your Adventure Park About Outside Food

When you’re booking your event, you also need to ask whether food is provided and whether it’s okay to bring outside food. Some parks will allow outside food, while other parks may not provide anything other than basics like granola bars and bottled water.

Always check beforehand to avoid party-goers being disappointed or having to go without. If the park or zip line provider you book with doesn’t provide party food or supplies, take into account that you’ll have to plan for that separately. Of course, if you’re booking your birthday zip line adventure with Empower, you won’t need to worry.

Book a Birthday Zip Line Adventure

If someone’s big day is coming up, the Empower Adventures team is ready to help. For a unique and unforgettable experience for birthdays, office parties, team building events, or just to try something you’ve never done before — contact Empower Adventures in Tampa Bay today.

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