What’s It Like to Be a Zip Line Tour Guide?

What’s It Like to Be a Zip Line Tour Guide?

At Empower Adventures in Tampa Bay, our team is dedicated to providing fun, adventure, and real empowerment for all of those who ride our zip line course. But what’s it like for our team? What does working at a zip line adventure park involve? To give our visitors an idea, we’re going to use this new blog to cover some of the basics of working in an adventure park and how rewarding it can be.

Safety for Staff and Guests

Safety is a big part of working as a zip line tour guide, so it makes sense that safety training is a big part of the job. Zip line guides need to be fully trained for the safety of both themselves and their teammates, and for visitors riding the zip lines. A new zip line guide will go through training to learn to use all the different equipment properly and safely, as well as general safety and emergency procedures.

Physical Activity and Training

Along with being attentive during training, would-be zip line tour guides also need to be able to deal with the physical rigors of the job. While visitors will only ride the zip lines once, the guides need to be ready to make multiple trips. They also need to be on their A-game each time, since the safety and comfort of visitors is the top priority. Working at a zip line involves a lot of physical activity.

Providing a Great Experience

Along with the focus on safety and the physicality of the job, working at a zip line also involves a lot of interaction. A guide on a zip line will be meeting new people all the time and taking them through all of the steps involved in their tour. Securing people into harnesses, making sure they’re prepared, and helping people overcome fears and build up their confidence are all regular duties of working at a zip line adventure park. The zip line guide isn’t just there to keep visitors safe but to provide the best experience possible.

Empower Yourself with a Zip Line Adventure

Helping people feel truly empowered and find their confidence at our zip line is an incredibly rewarding job. It’s also a great experience. If you’re looking for a unique way to build your confidence or build bonds with your friends or your team, contact Empower Adventures in Tampa Bay to reserve your zip line experience now.

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