How Canopy Tours Boost Ecotourism

How Canopy Tours Boost Ecotourism

Canopy Tours – Ecotourism Efforts | Empower Adventures

Ever dream of zipping through the trees, cutting through the warm tropical air, eye level with magical birds and stunning canopy creatures? Zip lining was once reserved for wildlife biologists studying forest canopies, or for tribal people in rainforest villages crossing rivers and traveling steep mountainsides.

However, in recent years zip lines and canopy tours have quickly gone mainstream, popping up in amusement parks, camps, malls, and just about anywhere with a steep incline. They’re fast, they’re fun, and they’re exhilarating. But they’re also great for ecotourism efforts across the world. Here’s exactly how zip line canopy tours have helped boost ecotourism efforts.

Impacts of Canopy Tours on Ecotourism

As sales for commercial zip lines skyrocket, so do the ecotourism benefits of canopy tours. Ecotourism offers low impact attractions in delicate ecosystems, cultural awareness of the surrounding areas, and great environmental conservation benefits.

Low Impact

Canopy tours are low impact attractions, meaning they don’t take up too many of Earth’s materials to build and operate. As they’ve evolved from simple scientific tools to breathtaking tourist attractions, they still remain unobtrusive to the surrounding natural environment. A basic harness, pulley, and cable allow you to soar through the air and take in the sights.  

Cultural Awareness

In rural countries and exotic tourist destinations, canopy tours do wonders to promote cultural awareness and increase economic benefits for local communities. A vacation to a new and exciting place often provides insight into how people and animals from other areas of the world live. Seeing that firsthand helps you understand the needs of others, and gives you the chance to help improve quality of life and promote economic development.

Environmental Conservation

Zip lines and canopy tours have done wonders for conservation efforts in many areas, with some organizations feeding the proceeds of these tours back into sustainable environmental efforts. Many parts of the world have remained untouched by human destruction. Ecotourism is a way of boosting economies while protecting and conserving delicate ecosystems.

Empower Adventures

The perfect adventure activity, canopy tours have become a popular eco-tourist option for the budding conservationist. They are a great way to learn and discover more about the surrounding natural environment without doing much damage, and they’ve created a culture of conservation that can be appreciated by all. No matter where you decide to take your next zip line or canopy tour adventure, you can ride easy knowing that your choice benefits local ecotourism efforts.

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