The Health Benefits of a Canopy Tour

The Health Benefits of a Canopy Tour

Man travelling through canopy tourImagine yourself hundreds of feet in the air flying through the trees at speeds you have never achieved. Your heart is racing, your palms are sweaty, your eyes get wide. What you are experiencing is adrenaline pumping through your blood.

Produced by your adrenal glands, adrenaline is a key component of our body’s safety system. Not only does adrenaline give us that famed “flight or fight” response, but it also has a number of health benefits. The canopy tours at Empower Adventures will give you this adrenaline response now matter how much of a veteran zip liner you are. Today, we would like to discuss how an adrenaline rush from a canopy tour can have multiple health benefits for you.

Improved Blood Flow

There is a reason your heart starts pumping hard when you have an adrenaline rush. Your air passages dilate and your blood vessel contract in a way that directs more blood to your major muscle groups. Adrenaline does this so that your body will be ready for “fight or flight,” but it also has the added benefit of providing your muscles with high levels of oxygen. This reaction is a big reason that many of the following health benefits occur.

Your Vision Improves

As adrenaline is designed to prime the body for a threat, one bodily function that is impacted in a big way is your vision. Your will pupils dilate which will allow more light in. The sights you can take in while flying through our canopy tour are made even more spectacular because they are literally breathtaking. Luckily, your breathing gets a boost too.

You Can Breathe Easier

The bronchioles in your lungs will relax with an adrenaline rush, making respiration easier. When you are at the apex of a canopy tour — take a deep breath. You’ll notice the difference immediately.

Your Immune System Gets a Boost

While chronic stress tends to drain your energy, short bursts of adrenaline can actually do the opposite. Being on high alert boosts the power of your immune system. An “adrenally-primed” immune system is much more likely to fight off potential infections, at least temporarily.

Some Studies Show Adrenaline Slows Aging

Brief shots of adrenaline can actually increase the number of antioxidants circulating your system. These antioxidants can combat the free radicals that cause aging and tissue damage. Perhaps that is the reason our employees are so good youthful looking — or at least we like to believe so.

Contact Empower Adventures for Your Next Canopy Tour

We would love to host you at our facility and have you experience the many health benefits that occur with a canopy tour. Contact Empower Aventures today to book your next reservation!

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