Empower Adventures and the History of the Zip Line

Empower Adventures and the History of the Zip Line

Man ziplining at Empower Adventures aerial park

Zip lining has not always been the safe, exciting adventure you can experience at Empower Adventures. The zip line has an interesting history that had uses you may not have thought of beforehand. Empower Adventures can teach you a little bit about how zip lining came about and how it turned into the fun recreational activity you know today.

First Signs of Zip Lining

While there is a lack of historical record of when zip lines were first used, researchers have found evidence of people living in mountainous areas – such as the Himalayas and the Alps – using zip lines to cross dangerous country and to transport supplies more efficiently. Later, in some remote areas in China such as the Nujiang valley in Yunnan, zip lines were used as a method of crossing rivers.

In addition, mountain climbers use techniques that are similar to zip lining. For instance, the Tyrolean traverse is a method of crossing space using a fixed rope, similar to zip lining. Oftentimes the Tyrolean traverse is done without a pulley, however, so it is not the exact activity you can find at Empower Adventures.

Beginning of Recreational Ziplining

The creation of recreational ziplining such as you would find at Empower Adventures has a surprising origin. In 1974, a California grad student named Donald Perry was in Costa Rica studying the biological communities in the rainforest canopy. He found that the using a zip line rope crossing was safer than attempting to climb the trees to study the canopy. He wrote a book about his findings and discussed his zip lining method. In 1992, the movie Medicine Man featured a thrilling scene of Connery ziplining across the rainforest canopy. After that, the concept of a tree top adventure was launched in Costa Rica. Tourists rushed to Costa Rica to experience the thrill of zip lining exploded. It was only a short time before this exhilarating activity migrated to the United States and recreational zip lining became a major industry.

Reserve a Tree Top Adventures Today

Today there are hundreds of commercial zip line companies across the United States. More and more people are interested in experiencing the pure joy of soaring across the sky and experiencing nature. Empower Adventures is the leading provider of tree top adventures in the Tampa Bay area. If you would like to take part in the growing community of zip lining enthusiasts give us a call at 813-448-5635 and reserve your spot today!

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