Team Building Tips – Empower Adventures

Team Building Tips – Empower Adventures

For some people, the phrase “corporate team building”, or just team building in general, sounds like an empty buzzword. At Empower Adventures, we know better. We know how important teamwork is, because we see it develop and strengthen year after year in Empower Adventures zipline and treetop canopy tours. There’s a world of difference between a job where you’re just another employee, and a career where you really are one of the team.

The zip line courses offered by Empower Adventures are a great opportunity for team-building getaways, but fostering a real bond among co-workers goes beyond training events. With our experience as a foundation, we can offer you some more general advice on team building – and keeping a team together.

Getting to Know Teammates

One thing you learn from Empower Adventures’ tours and activities is the importance of communication. Listening to instruction is vital, as is asking good questions, and being able to actively ask, and to listen attentively and pay attention is an important factor in any workplace.

Even more important is the ability to communicate in a confident, clear way, and to maintain strong, professional relationships throughout your team. Making sure that your team knows how to effectively communicate with each other is one of the biggest steps you can take.

Knowing Strengths and Weaknesses

Communication is also a big factor in identifying what your employees, coworkers, and teammates are capable of. It’s much easier to pick out strengths and weaknesses when you feel you can be honest with each other, without being cruel, judgmental, overly negative, or even overly positive.

Being able to assess these factors is important when you’re putting a team together. The best teams are made up of people who complement each other – compensating for weaknesses and building on strengths.

Proactive, Positive Feedback

At Empower Adventures, we know how important it is to encourage people to embrace their new zipline adventure, push themselves beyond what they’re used to and boost their confidence. Proactive, positive feedback is important, but surprisingly hard to do right. Overdoing it can come across as patronizing, while neglecting it makes employees or coworkers feel unappreciated.

Part of learning to communicate, and learning each other’s strengths and weaknesses, is encouraging each other to always improve. Don’t let examples of great teamwork slip by. Celebrate success, and celebrate it together. The easiest way to reinforce that you’re a team is to emphasize when you’ve achieved something together.

Empower Your Team At Empower Adventures

If you’re looking for an exciting and effective team-building experience, contact Empower Adventures Tampa Bay today. We offer packages for zip line courses and canopy tours, as well as paddleboard tours and more.

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