Me Time | Holiday Season | Tampa, FL

Me Time | Holiday Season | Tampa, FL

As we near the holidays it becomes easier and easier to get caught up in the motions. Preparing for company, shopping for gifts, and planning the Christmas menu can start to feel like chores as you run quickly out of time. However, as I stepped out of my house this morning, I was met with the crisp Florida winter air I’ve come to love. I took a second to sit on my porch with a cup of tea and reflect on the season ahead. While the frenzy sometimes seems unavoidable, I’m reminded in moments like this morning that “me time” is vitally important to combating it. “Me time” is different for everyone. Some find peace in nature, others among friends and family, others in a specific activity such as yoga or paddle boarding. As this season of thanks, giving, and celebration closes in on us, I encourage you to find what brings you that moment of solitude. Your mind, body and soul will thank you!

Have a fantastic holiday season among those you love ~ Empower Adventures Tampa Bay

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